Welcome to my website

I am a small hobby breeder situated not far from Cockshutt, Ellesmere.

I started off having a few hens for laying purposes then i fell in love with the big breed of Orpingtons,they are big, fluffy and super friendly. They lay a reasonable 120-140 eggs per year so they do pay for their keep – plus they also make brilliant Mothers.

They come in many different colours but the recognized colours in UK at the moment are Buff Orpingtons, Blue Orpingtons, Black Orpingtons and White Orpingtons. There are many more non standardised colours like Gold Laced, Lavender, Cuckcoo… the list really does go on.

On this site is the breeding groups which i have, feel free to look and email me with any enquires to


Many Thanks
Keri Aiken